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    Tab key assigned to other side of keyboard?

    Doug Jappe

      I use the mouse in my left hand. I have assigned many short cuts on the right hand side of the board. Even the escape key to F12.  I've just started to try out the 3D sketches and to switch between planes we use the TAB key.   How do I get it assigned to another shortcut key?



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          John Burrill

          Oh, I don't know if that's possible.  I mean, that specific toggle probably isn't exposed to the keyboard map.  Since you had to go to the forums for help on this one despite having mapped other keyboard shortcuts, I'm inferring that it's not as straightforward as going into keyboard assignments.

          OK, so some options I can think of.

          You might ask the guys in the API group if this behavior is exposed to the programming interface.  If so, you might be able to emulate the behavior with a macro and re-assign the macro.

          Alternatively if you have an 10 button mouse, I'd assign TAB to one of the buttons-which might be useful for a lot of things

          Finally, if this is an issue with multiple programs, you might want to get a gamer key-pad for your right-hand and assign your keys there.

          Best I could come up with.

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            Josh Brady

            Here's the simplest way, I believe.  It is just a macro that sends the tab key.  You need to map it to a shortcut key, of course, but it can be whatever key you want.

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              James Dean

              I'm very interested in this question for a similar issue.  I work with 3dsketch a lot and have made a button on my 5 button mouse the TAB key for changing planes.... now with a new computer and sworks update that button doesn't change planes anymore.  the actual keybord TAB does but not the mouse button.  It does however act as TAB in other programs... very odd... I can't figure out if it's program or mouse related. Thanks for the macro.... I still would like to know what the issue is...

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                James Dean

                Hey thanks!

                Yes, I am using the program specific mouse setting but interesting about the graphics card being the determining factor.  All the other keystroke behaviors work except the TAB key.  assigning TAB to a button acts like the basic TAB function not the change plane command.... very odd... It worked so well once before.... now no.

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                    Peter Ham

                    In SW 2013 SP04 there were some changes made to the way the Ctrl-Tab Hide Part function worked. Specifically, I believe it was to do with the timings of the button button presses.


                    In this thread there is some discussion on the use of the TAB key, in particular you may find Jim Wilkinson's posts informative.


                    I don't know whether or not this is the reason that your mouse stopped working as before, but you may find some information there.