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EPDM State Change Show Conditions Not Met

Discussion created by Tom Helsley on Jun 27, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by Tom Helsley

I've been playing around with some workflow conditions lately, and trying to think of a way to show what conditions haven't been met to continue through the workflow.  If anybody knows of a way to do it in 2013, please share.  In the meantime, I had an idea that looks something like this...


EPDM Change State Show conditions not met 1.png

Basically, add some tabs to the bottom of the user transition dialog that show for a selected file:

  1. Transition conditions
  2. The user's state permissions
  3. The user's folder permissions

I also thought it would be useful to add two radio buttons to filter and show only conditions not met.


Before I submit an ER, I wanted to see what others thought of this idea.  Does anybody have a better idea?