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    Representing a PCB in Flow Smulation

    Ronnie McMillan



      I am new to Flow Simulation.


      I would like to run a Thermal Simulation on a mlti-layer PCB. The PCB has a lot of copper at one end of the board and little copper at the opposite end. The amount of copper also varies between layers.


      I it possible to represent this type of structure in Flow SImulation?


      Thank in advance for any answers

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          Jared Conway

          standard PCB you have 2 options:

          1. determine a bulk modulus by hand based on layers and copper coverage

          2. use the electronics module to do this


          for your PCB, in addition to that, i'd probably create a multibody part where i create bodies that i apply different materials to different sections. so the majority of your PCB will have what i describe above, and then some bodies floating in it that are all copper