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    Intel HD5000: bad performance.

    Vittorio Villani


      I am testing a MacBook Air 13" - 2013 version with SolidWorks 2013 SP3.0.

      I have installed Windows 8 and updated all the drivers to the most recent version, the OS is in native mode.

      I have noticed that the HD5000 chip performs really bad the older HD3000 is faster in the benchmark as you can see:


      HD3000 (MacBook Air 13" - 2011 with i7)



      HD5000 (MacBook Air 13" -2013 with i7)



      In real word use the HD5000 seems to be too bad to move a relatively simple assebly that with the HD3000 gives no problem at all.

      Do you have any suggestion? Maybe is just a matter of drivers?