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How to Animate Spring (like attached video)

Question asked by Derek Parks on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2013 by Derek Parks

I am trying to figure out how this compression spring was actually completed in Composer. In the past I was told that such movement was impossible without "faking" and this does not appear to be a "fake". I have done adjusting of the scale in the past and also using separate .smg files from configurations in Solidworks to "fake" these such movements but never with any success of this quality. Adjusting scale will not give you actual compression which was achieved somehow  in this video and several .smg files fading in and out I suppose could work with a astronomical amount of different .smg files. I highly doubt that is what was done since several springs compress at once and I would think it would leave a huge file. If anyone could give me some information on how this might have been achieved I would greatly appreciate it. It may be a combo of adjusting several different properties that I just can't seem to get the right combo during my tests. This is by far the most realistic compression I have seen in Composer and it was just uploaded today so I am very curious how it was done.


Thanks for everyone's help