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    Sign industry using Solidworks

    Christopher Vitela

      Hello everyone,


      This is my first time posting, so let's hope I do this correctly.  I was just hired by a sign company to move us foward with using Solidworks instead of AutoCAD.  Does anyone have any experience in the sign idustry that could offer some advise for someone new to the field.  I have been using Solidworks for a year and a half, but I am not sure how it might benefit our company.


      Also, we are using an ERP system, M1.  How can Solidworks and M1 communicate with each other?


      I appreciate everyone's time and hope I can get some advise soon.


      Chris V

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          Glenn Schroeder



          Welcome to the forum.  I don't work for a sign company, I work at a facility that designs and tests roadside safety structures, including signs.  (We also test anti-ram protective structures, that's the really fun stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YhniFLrIQI.)  Here is a sign that I modeled in SolidWorks for a recent test.  For testing we don't need the lettering, so I'm not very familiar with it, but I'm sure someone else can help with that.

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            Roland Schwarz

            I've used SW with a 3rd-party PDM (Cyco/Meridian).  Worked fine.  Mostly it depends on the system's ability to read SW metadata.


            SW still has trouble with graphic-artsy stuff.  Fonts are a bit off, and spline sontrol doesn't match what you would find in AI.  If you have a custome who is really picky about those things, you may have issues.

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              Christopher Clark

              Hi Christopher, I use SW in sign industry as well. As for company process' and interdepartmental communication, a good model is an ISO based structure. I use AutoCAD as well, draftsight for dxf stuff and coreldraw. Sheetmetal and weldments are awesome. I also am able to make 3D molds and export as stl files but requires router software to mesh. I utilize a large library of weldment profiles which comes in handy.

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                Justin Harwell

                1)We use Solidworks for 3d photo images and sometimes even rendered videos so are clients can see what they are getting before they get it. (you can even type in the location and time of day for a real time view of what the lighting will look like for the client)

                2)Internally we use Solidworks to create a blueprint of how to asseble the sign,

                3) We are able to create DXF files of flat sheetmetal parts, which get milled out.

                4)When you are building something you often realize a way to make things easier (quicker, cheaper, and most of more durable). We have made sooo many things more profitable just be simply cutting the holes in the layout instead of by hand or catching building flaws before they happen.


                I use solidworks and I work in the sign industry, We have had alot of trouble with glitches, due to the large assembly that is created in making solidworks, once you figure out how to workaround it, it gets smooth, and can out shine other cad programs in the same ball park. I strongly recommend you look up all the tips and tricks on assembly, and if you need cad files, alot of venders are very willing to give their files out (that way you will use their parts).