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A few Glitches in the FE Matrix (Simulation)

Question asked by Shaun Erasmus on Jun 25, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2013 by Shaun Erasmus

Hi all, I am listing a few things below that I have come across in the current version of SW 2013 SP3 Simulation, please comment if you have found a work-around or solution to any of them?


- The symbols for loads and fixtures are very temperamental, they show now and then, sometimes one of two loads shows, sometimes fixtures don't show and I have no idea why? They are not hidden and the symbols are turned on, as some of the symbols still come up.


- The current config sometimes jumps, unprompted, between the default and exploded configurations.


- When editing the values of a thermal resistance contact or the gap clearance of a no pen contact, a remesh is forced and apparently this wasn't always the case?


- Switching between different configurations sometimes causes the mesh to be out of date, even when returning to the correct configuration.


- I have no idea what the "An element type is not available for Elastic Support #"?


Lastly, is there a way to set the default type for the result plot "Save as" option to .JPEG?