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unable to use Excel resources from Tasks->Advanced Script

Question asked by R. Seegmiller on Jun 25, 2013

I have an Advanced Script I have created for some interaction with Excel.  I am having trouble declaring variables of a type that exist in the Excel namespace.  Sample code fragment follows:


' These define without any problem

Dim excelApp As Object

Dim FileSystemObj as Object

Dim convFilePath As String

Dim convFileName As String


'These get a compile error as the types are unknown

Dim paramExportFormat As XlFixedFormatType

Dim paramExportQuality As XlFixedFormatQuality

Dim wbData As Workbook


The types XlFixedFormatType, XlFixedFormatQuality and Workbook are not available.


In SolidWorks I can make these types available in the VBA Editor by adjusting the References.


How does one adjust the VBA References for ePDM Advanced Scripts?