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Connectors to modify U-V curves when generating loft or boundary feature

Question asked by Alessandro Tornincasa on Jun 25, 2013


I'm generating a Loft (or maybe boundary surface) between two splines. The first spline has a different number of spline points than the second spline. See here:



I tried using the lofted surface to generate a surface body. Here's the preview:



I was wondering if there was a way to show a number of connectors in the U and V direction of the parametric curves, in order to modify the surface from the preview and get wanted result.

The problem is that lofted surface just holds 4 connectors shich are surface sides.


I tried with boundary surface, and I've seen that it allows you to add a number of connectors to get a better shape through the add connector command:



I was wondering if there was a command in loft or boundary surface to show all connectors (or a number of connectors) that make up the U-V curves to dynamically edit the surface from the preview.


I'm attaching my sample surface.