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Considering EPDM for Solid Edge

Question asked by Robin Bloemberg on Jun 24, 2013



First post here from a Solid Edge user considering shifting from Teamcenter to EPDM. Three questions come to mind after my first look at EPDM:


  1. The EPDM interface looks a lot like Windows Explorer. I like that. Even the path to a CAD file in the address bar looks the same as in Explorer. Does that mean my Solid Edge batch macro's that traverse Windows folders will still work (i.e. batch print all drawings in a folder)?
  2. Does EPDM only store the CAD links in a database while the CAD files remain in a Windows folder structure, or is that just looks?
  3. I've read that the links between Solid Edge assemblies are resolved by EPDM by using a hidden Solid Edge session. Does that mean that a where used query still takes minutes, or is there a significant performance gain from SQL?


Thanks in advance,