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    Thickening errors on mesh file converted to surface

    Shawn Malloy

      I am trying to create solids from scan data(stl or obj) in the typical fashion suggested by Solidworks. "Mesh wizard> Surface wizard > Knit all surfaces > Thicken" I am eliminating all the topographical errors and intersections with the wizards before I get to the thickening step. Although my surfaces do not contain errors I keep getting errors when using the thickening tool in the final step. "Failed to offset or face could not be deleted" is always the message. I am not sure if I need additional prepwork on the surface before doing any thickening. I have two sample files in which I have done this and have the same result no matter what.




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          Jerry Steiger



          I didn't open your files (I'm still on 2010 and assume that yours are a later version). I am guessing that you may have too many small faces and when you try to thicken by the amount you want that some of them would disappear. In that case, I would guess that the best approach would be to try and replace the small faces with larger ones.


          Another possibility is that you have areas whose radius of curvature is less than the wall thickness you are trying to create. You can use the Curvature display to see the areas that are giving you problems.


          For both problems you can also try smaller offsets to help understand where the limits are.


          Jerry S.