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    Shrink Fit in 2D Axial Model

    Bryan Nathan

      Has anyone had success using a Shrink Fit when using a 2D Axis-Symetric simplicification? I'd like to drive up the resolution without the problem taking all night. Also, has anyone had luck using Symetry (either planar or cylindrical) with a Shrink Fit? The simulation has been ignoring the Shrink fit when I run these simplifications.

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          Jared Conway

          no specific experience with it.


          first thought, are you within the guidelines for a shrinkfit? if you have too much interference, that might cause an issue whether 2d or 3d.


          could you start with the components not in contact, expand and then put them together? does the analysis work without the shrink fit? with the components just touching/bonded?


          symmetry and shrink, assuming you're talking about 3d. no experience there unfortuantely but if the problem is setup properly, i don't see why it wouldn't work.


          based on both of these methods not working for you, i'd guess you have too much interference. or if you aren't using nonlinear, it is too much for linear. i'd try getting the problem to run without shrink and then add it bit by bit.