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    regarding Porous Medium

    Hannah Liang

      Hi, everyone here, good morning!


      I am defining the porous medium property in SWFS. If my geometry used for P.M. is not along  X,Y or Z direction, it is 45deg. with X or Y axis, how, and where to define unidirectional P.M. in engineering database?


      Thanks for any suggestions and comments.

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          Jared Conway

          hi hannah, just choose a local coordinate system that has the appropriate direction for you. here's an excerpt from the help:


          •   For the Unidirectional and Axisymmetrical types of porous media you can select the main direction in two ways: 
          • In the Coordinate System, Curve list select a Coordinate System and specify the characteristic direction as the Reference axis of the selected Coordinate System. By default, the Global Coordinate System is selected. You can replace the Global Coordinate System by selecting your coordinate system in the flyout FeatureManager design tree. To create a coordinate system, click Insert > Reference Geometry > Coordinate System.

          • In the Coordinate System, Curve list select a Curve to specify the characteristic direction at any point as a tangent to the selected Curve in its closest point. To select a curve, click the curve feature in the flyout FeatureManager design tree or select the curve in the graphics area.

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              Hannah Liang

              thank you, Jared. I will try the way you mentioned above.


              I got your email this morning.


              The first thing is about the model I used without extended model outlet. I didn't save the new one when I created extended. So model without extended is not available. But it can be created by deleating extension anyway.


              The 2nd thing about training. i don't think my company would like to pay for one-on-one session. we are sending to SWFS basic training in Calgary. But you are appreciated for this kind suggestion. My model got converged during this weekend with 6 million cells.But the result is not matched with the test result. I doubt the reason for the porous medium definition. So I posted the above question.


              Thank you.