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    Gross weight shown in a BOM column

    Vinicius Pontes



      I need to show the gross weight of a part in a BOM column. If I associate the column property with "SW-Mass@Part1.SLDPRT", it gives me the net weight.


      I've tried to create a Global Variable called "GROSS_WEIGHT", which calculetes the gross weigth based on a simple equation which refers to the part dimensions. It seems to work until you close the drawing and re-open it. Solidworks doesn't evaluate the global variables when the drawing is opened, so, instead of the gross weight value, I see the string "GROSS_WEIGHT@Part1.SLDPRT" in my BOM.


      Is there any solution for this? It should be simple. Most of the companies I've worked uses the gross weight in BOM.


      Thanks in advance for any kind of suggestion.



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          Vinicius Pontes

          I've found a workaround for this topic, but I don't think it's the best solution.


          As I said before, my first try was to create a Global Variable and associate the property that was linked with the Bill of Materials to it. It didn't work. For some reason, Solidworks don't evaluate the global variables contained in the parts by the time I open the drawing. However, if I create a Sketch with a single construction line and set the dimension of this construction line to be equals to the global variable, then it evaluates the  global variable and my BOM shows the value I want to see.


          The Global Variable I've created was declared like this:




          The problem with this solution is that I have always to create this equation and also a helper sketch to get the gross weight, but, at least, the gross weight is automaticaly updated.


          Any other suggestions or upgrading for this?