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Gross weight shown in a BOM column

Question asked by Vinicius Pontes on Jun 24, 2013
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I need to show the gross weight of a part in a BOM column. If I associate the column property with "SW-Mass@Part1.SLDPRT", it gives me the net weight.


I've tried to create a Global Variable called "GROSS_WEIGHT", which calculetes the gross weigth based on a simple equation which refers to the part dimensions. It seems to work until you close the drawing and re-open it. Solidworks doesn't evaluate the global variables when the drawing is opened, so, instead of the gross weight value, I see the string "GROSS_WEIGHT@Part1.SLDPRT" in my BOM.


Is there any solution for this? It should be simple. Most of the companies I've worked uses the gross weight in BOM.


Thanks in advance for any kind of suggestion.