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    Energy balance between two fluids in shell and tube heat exchanger is not Matching, Why?

    Vamsi Mokkapati



      I have been simulating different heat exchangers in solidworks flow simulation, where hot gas @510C transfers its heat to the cold water@90.55C. After simulation, I got the temperatures and specific heats of the both fluids by using surface parameters tool at the exit. From these values I tried to balance energy transfer between gas and water using

      mCpdt formula.(where m= mass flow rate, Cp= Specific heat, dt = Temperature difference) but the energy is not balanced, for example heat lost by the gas = 9.5kW, Heat gained by the water =7.5kWm, I wonder where does the remaining 2kW heat is?


      What's the difference between average temperature and Bulk temperature in the surface parameters results.


      I attached a heat exchanger model.


      Thank you very much,

      Vamsi Mokkapati.