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Weldment Profiles driven off of... anything

Question asked by Alex Brewer on Jun 24, 2013
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I'm using the weldment tool to make what amounts to a metal box, but with lots of little details that make life complicated. The driving dimensions of the entire thing are the physical envelope it can contain. Since there are thousands of different possibilities for altering these parameters, I'm trying to automate the process. I have an editable template, but you have to modify each feature individually.


What's really slowing everything down is that there is no way to drive weldment profile selection. Is there any way I can make this automatic, while still having cut list properties update properly? Basically link the selection of the appropriate profile to other specifiable parameters? Default pierce points and such can be fixed- I just want a way to hand this template to all my engineers so they only have to key in a few parameters and go.


tl;dr I want weldment profiles driven by design tables