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    Keyshot 4.0 and SW2013SP3 - Appearances

    Mark Craig



      I have assigned faces on a component with appearances. These faces show various different colours.

      When I import the Assembly that contains said component, the faces are NOT seperate entities any longer and I cannot add materials to individual faces.

      This is very frustrating as it worked perfectly well with SW2012SP5.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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          Hadleigh Murad

          Have you tried add appearances at part level? Using Appearances at Assembly level does not give one enough control over said faces, this is because part level overrides assembly level.


          Applying Appearances.JPG

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            Anna Wood

            Is the problem with changing appearances in Keyshot or SolidWorks?





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              John Burrill

              Mark, SW composer has this restriction, where you can only assign appearance properties to a whole body.  what you can do in that program is clone the body and explode the clone into seperate faces.  I've done this a couple of times when I had to put labels on parts, and I'm hoping that I don't have to answer the question of what happens when those components underlying geometry changes.  Whenever I confront this problem I grumble under my breath about composer costing so much and being outclassed by Blender for texturing, animation and model editing and then get on with my life.

              In your case, I'm going to be wicked suprised if Keyshot can't do sub-object selection because apparently it's one of the best photorealistic renderers in the world or something, so I'd be looking at the Keyshot import options to see if you can turn off face knitting or automatic vertex welding. 

              If it's the case that you can't select faces, the only thing I can suggest is saving your solidworks assembly as an iges file and if Keyshot doesn't import IGES, re-import the file back into SolidWorks as a part with your IGES settings changed to

              Nurbs surfaces instead of BREP and turn off the options to knit surfaces and form solids.  You'll also want to uncheck the 'import multiple bodies as parts' control if the IGES importer has it.

              That will give you a model made entirely of surface objects and you can import that into Keyshot and do your materials and

              rendering there.