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    EPDM 2013 on Windows 7 32-bit workstations?

    Wayne Lehman

      I am currently in the process of implementing EPDM 2012 and thinking that it might be a good time to upgrade to EPDM 2013 before we get too much data in our vault. I have successfully completed a test upgrade on a virtual machine and it went relatively smoothly.


      Most of our workstations are Windows 7 64-bit, but we also have some legacy workstations running Windows XP 32-bit. I know that EPDM 2013 does not support XP, but I am thinking that as these legacy workstations only require the EPDM Viewer license installed and will not be using SolidWorks, I may be able to upgrade them to Windows 7 32-bit.


      Is Windows 7 32-bit a supported platform for EPDM 2013 or is it just Windows 7 64-bit?