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    Is my Solidworks 2013 running on the correct graphics??

    Adam Lister

      Hi everyone,


      Please excuse me if I'm sounding a bit daft, but I'm not that clued up on graphics and such like. Basically I am running Solidworks on a laptop with a Intel core i5 processor with Radeon HD graphics (2gb dedicated memory). Soildworks runs ok but I believe it could be a little bit sharper. I looked to see if the openGL option was selected in performance options and noticed that it was greyed out so I ran Solidwork RX to see if there was any problems and this is what the diagnostics told me:











      My question is why does this tell me that the card manufacturer is Intel and that I'm running 4000 HD Graphics. Is this correct or should it be showing the RADEON HD 7670M??


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.