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    Chris Scougall

      Is anyone else having a problem with SW crashing? it happens about 4-5 times a day, when it crashes I lose all the work I've done since the last save. is there and autosave feature like in autocad? I try to remember to save my work, but apparently I have to save after every dimension.





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          Brian Ross

          Yes there is an auto save function.  I would suggest running SolidWorks RX to see if there are any problems with your system.  More than likely it's your graphics card or dirver.  Also helps to due routine system maintenance.6-21-2013 2-12-13 PM.jpg

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            Glenn Schroeder

            You shouldn't be getting that many crashes.  I go weeks without one.  If you can post your SW version and computer specs (be sure to include video card) then someone may be able to help.


            There are some options for backups at Tools > Options > System Options > Backup/Recover that you might want to check on, but I would be more concerned about what's causing the crashes.