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Suppressing a Component in a Motion Study

Question asked by Matt Morrone on Jun 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2013 by Rob Rodríguez



I am trying to create a motion study that shows the bending of a sheet metal part.  I cannot use the "folding box" method that has been heavily discussed becase the fillets on the part are a fairly substantial component and if the piece was originally flat it would not look like a sheet becasue of the fillets.  I have sketched the part so i can change the angles of the bends and have made two or three parts with a ten degree angle shift in the bend to try and get the part back to horizontal.  I was using the "hide" feature to get rid of the other parts in the assembly and have only one show at a time giving the part the illusion of being bent.  However, the parts are fading from solid, to transparent, then dissapearing.  Is there a way I can cut out the middle part of that and hide the parts without them fading in and out?


P.S. I understand that only three parts is not enough to simulate motion.  This is just a proof of concept and if i can get this to work I can change the angle by one degree every time instead of the ten degree change i am using now.