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    AutoCAD 3D Assembly --> SolidWorks Assembly?

    Nathan Coy

      Hi guys,


      I've got an assembly that was done in AutoCAD.  It's all 3D solids.  When I open it in SolidWorks, it comes in as a very large multibody part file.


      Is there a way to get SolidWorks to import this as an Assembly, with each part file containing the individual "dumb" solid bodies?





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          Brian Ross

          If the file extension is a dwg, there is no way to do this that I am aware of unless it was an Inventor file.

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            David Lawrence

            if you have autocad export to a iges files and open the igs in solidworks. i you don't have autocad maybe ask whomever gave you the auocad dwg to export you an igs file

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                Nathan Coy

                I tried exporting to *.iges and *.igs.  File-->Export--> select filetype-->Cntrl+A--> Enter.  It says "Done", but there's no file created.




                Apparently it won't let me export all of the solids at the same time.  I selected a few parts and export as .iges worked.  Opened the file in solidworks and I was hit with a prompt to choose the part template for every solid body.


                Maybe my PC just doesn't have the horsepower to export the entire assembly to iges, or there's some sort of limit in AutoCAD, or the file is just bugged out.

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                    John Burrill

                    Hi Nathan,

                    I ran into this in the past and it all comes down to the way you build your AutoCAD file.

                    If it's created using Xref's then it will come in as an assembly.  Otherwise, you'll get a multi-body part.

                    Now, you can remedy this in a few ways.

                    The first thing and probably the easiest thing to do is to turn the multi-body part into an assembly. Use the Save Bodies tool to do that


                    In the 'SAve Bodies' property manager, select and name the bodies that you want to save as parts and then click the browse button in the "Create Assembly" panel to specify and name your assembly.  This will create a new assembly model with the bodies inserted and fixed in place in the same as they are in the asesmbly.  You can then use 'List External References' to break the relations to the parent part.

                    You can also try exporting the drawing from AutoCAD to an ACIS file-which contains all of the 3DSolid information.  When you open the file in SolidWorks, click the Options button in the Open dialog and check "Import multiple bodies as parts."


                    Try those and see how it goes.

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                        Nathan Coy

                        Thanks John.  Although I had to have the box checked to make it come in as an assembly. *edit(SW2012SP5)


                        It's created more issues though, as apparently the different sections of the assembly don't have the correct origins.  When you load the .step file in SolidWorks, there's different sub-sections off in space.


                        I ended up loading the 3D Solid DWG into Autodesk Inventor Fusion 2013, saving out 3 seperate .dwg's representing the 3 main sections of the main assembly (that were flying apart in space before), and saving each one out to seperate .stp files.  They can put it back together themselves for all I care. 


                        If they're not happy with this I'll probably go back and redraw everything in native SolidWorks.  (which is what my end-user should probably be doing anyways, instead of asking for .step files of our ancient assembly)