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        Brian Ross

        You have open areas on the model.  To thicken you must have a complete surface.

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          John Burrill

          Hi Ram,

          When you're developing a model like this, take advantage of the fact that it's symmetrical about a plane and model half of it-actually you could model a quarter of it.

          the reason you couldn't thicken it has to do with your planar side surfaces that you trimmed to the vase shape.  There was a gap at the seam of each one because it didn't go down far enough.  Open seams show up in SolidWorks as blue edges (blue by default)

          open surfaces.PNG

          I made a reworked file where I changed the way the planar surfaces were defined.  To save myself some effort, deleted a lot of the right hand features, paired the model using a surface trim and then mirrored the completed half.

          Take a look.

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              RAM KIRAN MYANA

              Hi John,

              Thank you for helping me. I am getting ready for Advanced Surfacing specialist exam. After reviewing the model i became aware of different ways of using surface trim. In this case you used mutual trim and how to use Tools> check option to see different things.


              Could you please suggest any website or, sample examples or something so that i can clear my CSWP-SURFACING EXAM.


              THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN.



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                  John Burrill

                  I wish I could recommend something. The surfacing exam takes  a lot of thinking on your feet.

                  Mainly what you need to be able to do is understand all of the different options for making fills, boundaries and fillets and know how to drive splines.  Mainly that involves reading the minutae in the online help for the surfacing tools.it's also a good idea to look at the examples posted in the surfacing forums.

                  SolidWorks VARs offer a special course in surfacing and some of the online providers like Solid Professor have sessions on advanced modeling.