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Trouble using ScanTo3D/point cloud

Question asked by Scott McFarland on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2013 by Scott McFarland

Hello all, I am a newbie to solidworks (and solid modeling really) and am having trouble getting my point clouds to work. Ultimately the point clouds need to become a solid surface that I can integrate into other parts. The final product is a 3d printed horn. The first file named "ambient" ends up deleting the lower part the funnel in an upside down U shape. I need this to stop before i can move forward.


The second one "wildlife" I can get all the way through mesh prep and surface wizard but shows up as a grid on my screen and I can't seem to Thicken or interact with the model. I particualarly need to merge it with basically a rectangular box where the funnel is the inner bounding surface.


Cheers and thanks in advance for any/all help!