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Mirror flipping component and sketch not possible on loft

Question asked by andrey pavlov on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2013 by andrey pavlov

Problem 1: A simple mirror of component about front plane is flipping the component. There is an almost identical component that mirrors fine in same assembly. I can get it to work with the "Create Opposite Hand Version" option but this also requires a new part to be created and saved. Was going to ignore this issue and continue but then this other problem occurred so something is not right plus there are many more parts I have to create and would like to avoid creating extra parts to confuse things and learn the proper method.


Problem 2: Can not place a sketch on the plane/surface of the lofted component. I can select any other surface in the assembly and create a sketch yet not on this components' side surfaces, I can on the top and bottom surfaces. Very strange to me.



So you can see the top arm is not mirrored correct. Yet the bottom arm which is very close in design is fine (without having to create another part or use "Create Opposite Hand Version". The part is created by lofting from a sketch on the top short arm and a sketch on the bottom bracket.

For the sketch problem the top arm sides do not want to accept a sketch on them. I am trying to create another brace across the long top arms like the bottom cross member.

Attached is the assembly and parts without the "Create Opposite Hand Version" created.

Thanks for any help.

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