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Excel 2007 & Design Table Crashes

Question asked by M. B. on Jun 19, 2013

Using SW2011 SP1, Win7 64bit, MS Office Professional 2007.


Just spent 2 days dealing with design table crashes, freeze ups, and a corrupted .sldprt file that would not open unless I went to the backups and opened an older version.  I found out by accident today that one of the crashing issues (there are others) was related to the $ absolute reference character in Excel 2007.


Reference G36 would work without crashing

Reference G$36 would either crash or the configurations using this reference would not change or update. 


Out of hundreds of cells with complex formulas only a few had the absolute $ and when I removed them, things immediately got better so its definitely related to the absolute reference.


In a recent thread someone thought the July Microsoft updates caused similar problems.  The poster said that they uninstalled one of the updates and the problem was solved.  I can't find that thread but would very much like to read it again.


I have always had occasional design table crashes but lately its become almost impossible to get any work done.  Does anyone know what is going on and how to fix it?