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Stud Hole - Pre Load Stresses

Question asked by San Wong on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2013 by Brian Zias



Attached you can see an image of a steel disc which is bolted to a fixed steel hub flange with a pre-load torque of 325Nm. 


In the stress results the maximum load is 1523MPa which is considerably higher than the yield strength of the material (180MPa).


This high localised stress we know in reality will not result in a failure alone.  However, when we apply a moment to the connected hub we want to see the stresses caused by the moment load and the affects to the discs formed shape and clamping area.  Without completely ignoring the stresses caused by the clamping torque, how can I generate some reliable results ?


Can this done well using the simulation pro package, without non linear material properties?


Note - Simulation was run using the bolt connector feature.


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