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    Collaborator questions

    Doug Campbell

      Hello. I'm a Newbie composer user


      There are 2 of us new to composer (users about a month)


      Our old method was using coreldraw from exported pro-e geometry


      We have hundreds of old images we have used in the past for symbols etc. and have made bmps of them to use as composer collaborators. The majority of thses are images are inside bubbles. Most of the time this works fine.


      But our question is we cannot make certain other collaborators appear on top of the bubble image (like a callout for instance).


      This also applies to the detail view feature in composer - very nice to enlarge an area of a part, EXCEPT what we are after is also augmenting that enlarged detail like adding a callout number or other collaborator inside the detail view to explain things further for the end user.


      CANNOT make this work, the callout will not appear on top of the detail or a bmp image collaborator.


      We have tried the "DEPTH" slider in properties for both coolaborators to no avail.


      It would also be great to create a detail bubble and do a simple polyline to show a rudementary crack. We have done this thousands of times in the past doing it old school before the "composer era".


      We really need to make this concept work. These manuals we produce for our client are extremely art driven, step by step visual. We make thousands of pieces of art (now views in composer) every year.


      Our typical procedure is (we do engine manuals) : Explode a part off the engine, clean the part, check the part for damage, put it back on the engine. over and over and over again for hundreds of parts per engine-2x3 inch paper space. as illustrators we have nothing to do with any placement of the art in the manual, that is handled separately by our writers. So our deliverable to them is tifs.


      Any ideas are appreciated


      Thanks, sorry if I'm too wordy!

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          Derek Parks



          The only way I know to get a callouts in a detail view is to add the callouts to the part directly into the detail view after it is created. I apologize but I am having a hard time visualizing what else you are trying to achieve with your polylines,  etc. Is there anyway you can post a image of what you wish was possible to create in composer? If that is possible I can try to recreate what you want to achieve and give steps on how I did it if in fact it is possible.




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              Doug Campbell

              Thanks to all replys!


              We have not used digger, we have used the detail view in tech illustration workshop. The digger sounds like the way to go-except its a large drawback to not be able to place it in front of the main view - we HAVE to have that bubble go anywhere we want in the paper space - we typically have a large engine in the background and we point out a part and our paper space is small.


              but anyway, we will give it a try! - thanks!

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              Brian Smart

              Are you using th Digger to get your detail "bubbles"? If so, once you capture 2D image using the digger, select the 2D image, go to the Properties panel, and check Background Enable. Then you can put lines and arrows on top of the bubble. The drawback is that the bubble is now behind the main image, so you'll have less options for where to place it.

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                John Burrill

                Did you turn off digger after you created the detail view?

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                    John Burrill

                    Doug, I'm not sure I'm seeing your problem correctly.  I mean, here's a bitmap with an annotation on top of it:



                    How are your results different?

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                        Doug Campbell

                        Here's a typical example of what we do. This example is not in composer, but we would like to come close. We have that "not OK" symbol as a bmp image in the composer image library, and we'd like to simply depict a crack or damage like it shows here using composer in digger or detail view in the tech art workshop. Ive used the detail view and like it except I need to augment a little. Don't know why I can't just add more inside the bubble? It does not have to be that fancy like it shows in the example, just a simple jagged polyline, or similar.  In this case the text says "inspect the sensor adapter for cracks or fretting". These are all very small pieces of step art (2x3) thousands and thousands of em-and about 1/4 of them are about inspection. Composer has been working well in most cases in matching this style. We've had this standard for decades, so changing it too much is not an option.