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Question asked by Doug Campbell on Jun 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2013 by Doug Campbell

Hello. I'm a Newbie composer user


There are 2 of us new to composer (users about a month)


Our old method was using coreldraw from exported pro-e geometry


We have hundreds of old images we have used in the past for symbols etc. and have made bmps of them to use as composer collaborators. The majority of thses are images are inside bubbles. Most of the time this works fine.


But our question is we cannot make certain other collaborators appear on top of the bubble image (like a callout for instance).


This also applies to the detail view feature in composer - very nice to enlarge an area of a part, EXCEPT what we are after is also augmenting that enlarged detail like adding a callout number or other collaborator inside the detail view to explain things further for the end user.


CANNOT make this work, the callout will not appear on top of the detail or a bmp image collaborator.


We have tried the "DEPTH" slider in properties for both coolaborators to no avail.


It would also be great to create a detail bubble and do a simple polyline to show a rudementary crack. We have done this thousands of times in the past doing it old school before the "composer era".


We really need to make this concept work. These manuals we produce for our client are extremely art driven, step by step visual. We make thousands of pieces of art (now views in composer) every year.


Our typical procedure is (we do engine manuals) : Explode a part off the engine, clean the part, check the part for damage, put it back on the engine. over and over and over again for hundreds of parts per engine-2x3 inch paper space. as illustrators we have nothing to do with any placement of the art in the manual, that is handled separately by our writers. So our deliverable to them is tifs.


Any ideas are appreciated


Thanks, sorry if I'm too wordy!