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    How to get the cut plots at every time step used by the solver?

    Mir Hayder


      I am trying to create an external transient analysis for the flow around a single cylinder at Reynolds number 140. I decided to run the simulation for 80 sec and want get to the velocity, pressure and vorticity cut plots at every time step. Can anyone suggest me how I can visualize the cut plots at every time step?  When I created the project, I selected the 'Time-dependent' check box, and set the total analysis time of 80 sec. There is an 'Output Time Step' box, which I know is used to save the result at a certain time, For example, if I use 4 sec, the results will be saved in every 4 sec, and the analysis will save the results for 21 time steps (80/4+1 for the first time step). At this point, I do not know what the solver will use for time steps, only that the results will be saved every 4 sec. Can anyone suggest me how I can find out the time step the solved uses so that I can create the cut plots every time step. Or what value I should use to get the result at every time step? My main goal is the visualize the flow at every time step and I want to create an animation with 25 frames per sec. I am very new in SW flow simulation, so any suggestion will help me a lot.

      Thanks in advance.