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    Destroyed folder keeps resurrecting itself (Zombie Folder?), why?

    Jeff Thomas

      I am setting up EPDM for the first time for our company. I have created a vault with folders and files and for the most part have been having grand time doing so. I have a folder that I do not need anymore that I delete and destroy as the admin. But when I logout and login the folder has been resurrected, Zombie folder anyone? Why can't I get this folder to be destroyed once and for all? When we go live I want to be able to start with a nice clean vault.

      Thanks for the help.




      Jeff Thomas

      Seanic Ocean Systems

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          Craig Lalumiere



          There's a few reasons that the file may exist (assuming the file is green in color)

          1. There is a file hidden it folder that you may not have permission to Delete. Go to the settings property the user/admin ==> explorer ==> and select "show all files"  then look to see if there's anything in it.
          2. There's items in the folder that are deleted not destroyed. Right click the file ==> properties ==>Deleted Items (make sure you check the "include items in sub -folders" to see all files below the root file you selected.



          (assuming the folder is Gray)


          The file is being seen as local and in the local cash. Delete the file and clear you cash its being seen in the vault view. This will have to be done on every vault view that has seen this file.  A setting that I favor that will help end this issue is under settings property the user/admin ==> explorer ==> and select "Automatically delete local read only flies that are not part of the vault"


          Something to note if you are using the same computer/vault view as different users, and the users have different permissions to see the file. The file will always show even if the person does not have permission to see it because those files are in the local cash and may appear as "local" or the file is grayed out.


          Hope this helps