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SolidWork Electrical or Other Solutions

Question asked by Peter Loring on Jun 18, 2013

We are interested in acquiring an electrical CAD package that works well with SolidWorks.  I am fishing for feedback on your experiance with SWE or other solutions.


2 years ago our VAR was selling us on purchasing E3 WireWorks. This looked like a good, possible solution, for us but by the time we were ready to get serious SolidWorks had come out with its own product. At this time we are told that SWs product doesn't support the creation of wire harness drawings (E3 WireWorks supposedly does). So we are waiting and continuing to use the products that we used in the past. 2D Orcad, Unigraphics, and a bit of AutoCAD. We could get rid of Unigraphics and AutoCAD if SW had a more robust sketcher that allowed for color and layers.  We could get rid of Orcad if we had SWE had a harness package.


We have started to use the 3D sketches to create routings in SW. This has been very well received by the mechanical engineers. Hopefully we will be able to tie it all together (wires that connect to components, that can be laid out as a harness, with a bill of materials, all in the same CAD package) soon.


Can you elaborate on your experience with electrical packages, in a SolidWork environment?