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Solidworks/SolidNetWork 2013 upgrade and SMTP

Question asked by David Bush on Jun 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2013 by David Bush

Two weeks ago we upgraded to Solidworks 2013, which required upgrading the SolidNetWork License Manager that resides on the same server as our EPDM database. Unfortunately, we are still on EPDM 2012  SP02, with the 2013 upgrade scheduled for next week (I know, it's best to upgrade the vault first. I will not make that mistake again).


A couple days after the SolidNetWork upgrade, I noticed how empty my inbox had become and realized that the notification system had stopped working. When sending a test from the Message Systems settings prompt I got the error "The server was not found." The settings for the SMTP server are unchanged from before the upgrade, and other services using the SMTP server are still running without any issues.


My VAR is stumped and I am now two weeks with a dead email notification system. I am hoping the EPDM upgrade will resolve the issue, but I'll be jumping through hoops to keep my users from having a conniption until then. Any ideas on why a SolidNetWork upgrade would interfere with EPDM's ability to communicate with the SMTP server?