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    how to view a workflow

    Bruce Becker

      have created workflows and they seem to work good.

      When we go back to make an tweek or update it is difficult to view the whole workflow on the screen in the Admin tool.

      Is there a way to export the work flow into Visio or diplay as text inorder to get a clear picture.




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          Raghavendra Bhagwan



          You can save the workflow to PDF from the save as menu.


          Are you using 2013 Version of EPDM ? You have better Pan / Zoom controls for the Workflow tool.


          Hope this helps !




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            Brian Dalton

            Sadly, the workflow editor interface is one of the worst implemented features in EPDM.  After years of mediocrity they have finally made a few ... enhancements ... in EPDM 2013, as Raghav mentioned.  Beyond pan and zoom, though, you're pretty much on your own.


            I could write a book about the bugs and problems with the workflow editor.  Crude, clumsy and amateurish are the best things one can say about it.

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                Raghavendra Bhagwan



                I agree that EPDM Workflow editor had "Rudimentary interface". But in 2013 it had improved leaps and bounds. I still feel the EPDM has the better interface when compared to other PDM / PLM tools.


                "Just wanted to show how the grass is not green on the otherside of the fence"


                Attaching a picture of Workflow designer interface in "Engineering Process Management" module in Teamcenter   !! and i can share many more from other tools.


                Your thoughts please....

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                    Brian Dalton

                    Yeah, I don't suppose it's the worst, and I certainly have managed to create and administer a number of workflows using it, but I hate to see an otherwise fine tool marred by features that work poorly and could be easily fixed, if SW wanted to.


                    My thoughts?  MS Visio is a great example of a very well-built flowcharting interface (workflows diagrams are basically flowcharts with special features).  What if some enterprising individual wrote a custom flowchart interface using customized Visio components and tapped into the EPMD Db?  Of course, if it modified the data in the Db (it would have to, in order to be an editor) the subscription violation would be an issue, but it could certainly be more user friendly than the one in EPDM now.