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    BOLT - How to determine center point to draw the Radii

    Vikram Pichandi



      I am trying to draw a bolt in solidworks. I have certain dimensions of the bolt which I measured using calipers and comparator machine. But I am unable to draw the Radii and undercut in the bolts.


      I am attaching a drawing of my model with question mark on spots where I have doubt.


      1. The larger Radii of the bolt - I am not sure where is the center point located to draw the arc? i can just create a random point of center but I know it is not the right way to do it.


      2. Smaller / Undercut Radii - I am again not sure of the center point to draw the arc. Initially I drew two circles on top & bottom with two different radii and used LOFT option to create a fillet like arc to join two circles, but when I import my part to drawing I was not able to show what is the radius of the arc.


      Help me to solve this issue. I appreciate all your help. Thank you



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          Walter Fetsch



          It appears that you're designing a bolt.  That means that you're the designer, so place the radii however you want them.  My best advice is not to design custom fasteners, as they're very expensive, but perhaps you have an unusual situation where it is necessary.  If this is just an exercise for school, I would say that the upper radius appears to be tangent to the line below it and the lower radius can be placed however you want it because there are no obvious constraints on its position.