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    Folder Cards and custom sql table information

    Brent Lewis

      Hello All,

      I was hoping I could get some advice or direction on a simple project I am working on. My company just recently purchased EPDM. I have had it about 30 days nows.

      I was nominated to be the primary admin for it. The starting structure ( folder,workflow,states and transitions,ect.) are setup and we are in final testing. I feel as if I have the simplest thing driving me nuts and I have not broken the ice on it yet.I am not a pro or a novice at sql coding.

      My intent was to test using custom sql tables along with folder cards.


      Combo Box Drop Down pointing to a custom sql table on folder card. ( coming a from sql cardlist)

      Product 1   (in house)

      Product 2   (in house)

      Product 3   (outside)


      When Product 3 is selected another (sql cardlist combo box appears and these selections come up) it is hidden until then.

      Customer 1

      Customer 2

      Customer 3


      This custom table has addition information in the fields of the table....

      Customer 1 , Owner ,Email ,Phone, Owner1 ,Email1 ,Phone1

      Customer 2 , Owner ,Email ,Phone

      Customer 3, Owner ,Email ,Phone




      I can not get the other fields to show on the folder card (after) the customer has been selected and the database updated.

      My intent ---After Project creation I was hoping to pull the other fields data onto the cards based off the variable of Customer.


      I was hoping for guidance if it is even possible or other directions. I do have other options, but I was hoping to get a base structure of multiple ways of accomplishing something for a nice basis.

      * My main projects creation runs of a hidden variable tab system depending on the folder you are on-- learned online and is a neat trick. I could use this concept and hard lock Customer data

      onto tabs depending on the Customer folder names.

      *I have links to using the Alias card list and using the different symbols, basically pat indexing multiple information areas back out from the alias name (left middle right).


      My main question is, Can it be done without an addin, is it even possible and I just have not found the correct combination. I do not want to waste anymore time it Cardlist are not to friendly in this area.

      Thank You for any input or guidance.

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          Jason Capriotti

          If I'm reading this right, you want all of those fields (Owner, Email, Phone, etc) on the data card to populate when the customer is selected? And this data comes from a custom SQL table you created? If that's the case then you would need a custom add-in to do this. And the data cards would not update if say the phone number changed.....at least not without some custom programming.


          Another idea is to not create the customer table and instead create "Customer" data cards. Then link those to your product cards. You won't be able to link it to a folder though, but to some master document inside the folder that represents your product.

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            Joy Garon


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              Brent Lewis

              Thank you both for the input. That is what I was needing a direction and both of you commented an addin is needed.

              I see I was spinning my wheels trying to accomplish this.

              Thank You again.

              I will scout the file you have and see if it can aid me.


              I had time to scout the addin. I am looking forward to installing and playing with it in my test enviroment.

              I do not forsee any issues with installing and using this to see how it ticks.

              We started going live with our EPDM's first stage today. I still have multiples to go in different areas of the company.

              When I get some free time I will check this out more.


              I am use to older versions of sql, I still have to support SQL2000 custom sp's and reporting. I worked on quite alot of macros afew years ago

              when introducted into solidworks. I learned alot from the resources here and other places. I just about got into API's after getting Luke Malpasses

              book from angelsix. Looks like its time for me to expand into API's some and read up on EPDM  API's.

              Thank you again

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                Antonios Armyriotis



                Does this sql card list addin work in Epdm 2015 ? because i get an error "Archive Server could not access Windows Registry"