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    Need help on CSWP Sample Exam Problems 4 and 5

    Daniel Sze

      I was practicing for the CSWP exam by doing the CSWP Sample Exam listed here:




      However, I am confused on why I could not get the correct answers to Problems 4 and 5 of the exam, especially question 4.


      Here is a picture of the part when attempting question 4, showing that I have followed all of the instructions in the exam:


      Pic of Part.png


      Here is a picture of the same part with the mass properties displayed.


      Pic of Part and Mass Properties.png


      As you can see, the mass of my part is at least 500 grams too short of the correct answer to question 4, which is quite significant (it is half a kilogram!).




      This is my third attempt on the problem, and I still could not get the right answer.


      My part is attached to the post. Can anyone help me figure out the problem? I was able to get the answers to Questions 1 thorough 3 easily, so the problem is not that I could follow instructions...