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    Broken View in Composer

    Aaron Godwin

      How do I create a broken view in Composer? Or is that even possible? I have an assembly with a long hose and all I want to see are the ends, so I want to break the hose and bring the end up just like you would on a drawing.

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          Derek Parks



          As far as I know this is not possible. I did some tests and unless there is a way of manipulating cutting planes that I am unaware of it wont get the outcome you want. What I normally do when I have parts that need to be shortened is make a configuration of the shorter hose in Solidworks and then import this new part into my Composer file.



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              Aaron Godwin



              Thanks. That's what I figured. I ended up cutting the assembly in SW then moving stuff in Composer. I'm learning as I go with Composer so when I find something that seems simple I just figure it's buried in there somewhere. It'd be nice if I knew it wasn't, that way I could build my bag of work-around tricks faster and move on.


              Thanks again,