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    Updating all drawing sheets with new/modified template.

    Tyler Banschbach

      Hi all,


      I had to make some slight changes to a template I'm using for a project that involves roughly 100 different sheets. My question is, is there a way I can go in and update multiple sheets at once with a new or modified template? For example, I tried selecting say sheets 1,3,44,54,90 and then right clicking, selecting properties and trying to updating the template there but I was not able to for some reason. Let me know if you have a solution for me and thank you in advance!




      EDIT: All I am needing to do is change the name on the sheet format that I have saved (what I referred to as a template) from my bosses name to mine. Instead of going into each sheet and right clicking, edit sheet format, then manually typing in my name I would like to be able to select all of the sheets and change the sheet format from the orginal to a new sheet format that is exactly the same with the exception of one text box saying "by: Tyler Banschbach" instead of by my boss. Anyone? I already created the sheet format with my name, now I just need to figure out what to do with it.