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    RAID 0 with SSDs

    Jason Capriotti

      Has anyone done any benchmarks with two SSDs in a RAID 0 striped array? We are looking into new machines and was trying to gauge whether it would be worth configuing this way. We have some upcoming projects with assemblies over 10,000 components. All files will be stored in ePDM and thus loaded from the hard drive so load time is important.


      I've checked out some benchmarks online. Tom's Hardware did a test on it that seem to imply that it wasn't really worth it except in some cases. The problem is know if SolidWorks falls into one of those special cases.http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/ssd-raid-benchmark,review-32689.html


      Just wondering if anyone has done any real world testing on SolidWorks?

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          Kelvin Lamport

          I haven't done any testing so cannot answer your question, but is it wise to use a RAID 0 setup? That doubles the risk of data loss due to drive failure.


          Would you be using the striped SSDs purely for data storage or system programs also?


          You probably have an excellent backup system, but even so....

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              Jason Capriotti

              It's all preliminary at the moment and I'm still researching. The goal is to get the fastest possible speed loading SolidWorks files from the local disk. There would be only one C drive with all programs and files. Generally the users are not suppossed to store files locally but the nature ePDM means they will have local copies of checked out projects files in the local ePDM cache.


              To address the increased risk we would supply users with an external backup drive. We may go this route anyway even with a single drive as we still risk losing files in the local ePDM cache.