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Wicked thickening challenge

Question asked by Matthew Spencer on Jun 16, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by Viktor Bovzdarenko

Hi all,

First time poster here (if I recall).


We have a model of a glass sculpture in zero-thickness surfaces. The final sculpture will have a uniform pane thickness of 6mm. We must thicken every face of the sculpture, then place every thickened body flat on the same plane and send this file to the waterjet. After cutting them out we will assemble them by hand.


There are some issues here. First is that we need sidewalls for each thickened face. Secondly, we'd like to avoid manually creating every single body if possible, so a semi-automated solution would be best (first time I've ever wanted a command like "Thicken with internal sidewalls"...)


Does anyone have any ideas for executing this? Thank you in advance.

Here's a somewhat unhelpful image.