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Add toolbar to eDrawing ActiveX control

Question asked by Robert Duncan on Jun 14, 2013

I have a program that displays a drawing in the eDrawing activex control, embeded in a Windows form.


Is it possible to show the toolbar in the ActiveX control?


Better yet, is it possible to only show a set of buttons, such as just Zoom and Pan buttons?


If relevant, here is some of my code for creating the Model View Control:


AxEModelView.AxEModelViewControl thisModelView = new AxEModelView.AxEModelViewControl();

//Add modelview

AxEModelView.AxEModelViewControl thisModelView = new AxEModelView.AxEModelViewControl();

thisModelView.Dock = DockStyle.Fill;


//Make sure you add control before OpenDoc or ViewOrientation.


// thisModelView.ShowToolbar(true); DOES NOT WORK

// thisModelView.EnableFeatures(16); DOES NOT WORK


//The bool options = temp, no save, readonly

thisModelView.OpenDoc(filePath, true, false, true, "");

thisModelView.ViewOrientation = EMVViewOrientation.eMVOrientationZoomToFit;


I tried things like ShowToolbar() and EnableFeatures, but they have no effect.


The user can right click the drawing and select a tool, but I thought having icons on the screen might be easier.