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Louisville Companies that use SW - Check in here!

Question asked by Ray Cecil on Jun 14, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2013 by Ray Cecil

Hello everyone,

  I am from Louisville but live in Tulsa OK currently. I am relocating back to the Louisville area in September or October. I hold a CSWP certification and have been designing in SW for about 4 years. I wish to find a company in Louisville to work for and become active in the SLUG group. If your company is possibly looking to hire another designer/drafter and you use SW please let me know. I would like to submit my resume to as many companies that need SW users as possible. Here is a list of companies that certified users list as the company they work for:


The Lyons Companies

Computer Aided Technology (VAR)


3D Vision Technologies (VAR)

Design Network

Grindmaster Corp


DAE Industries



I know there are users at:

Louisville Lamp

ARMAG (Bardstown)


I am sure there must be more!!


Thank you for any information that will assist me in finding the right company to work for.


Ray W Cecil III, CSWP



If you are an HR manager and wish to have a copy of my resume please feel free to ask.