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    Solidworks Simulation Punch and Die Design Improvement

    Mark Loi Abalena

      What would be the best simulation feature of Solidworks that can address a scenario wherein during the punch and die process? The lower die is damaged or has encountered cracks after several process (forging process). Attached is a sketch I did in Solidworks to represent the scenario. It would be a great help if you guys can provide a similar scenario or Simulation example that is related to this kind of problem. Because right now we cant check what possible improvements that can be done for this scenario. Thanks and Regards.

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          Jared Conway

          mark, can you estimate the forces on the punch and die based on the proces? or do you need to solve the punch and die (contact/metal forming) process in addition to testing the punch and die?


          also, do you have simulation? what license type and what is your experience with it? the reason i ask is if you need the second option above, you're going to need nonlinear and it is going to be a bit of a bear to setup and run. you MAY need something more powerful than SolidWorks Simulation depending on what you need.


          I should probably also ask, do you need the crack to be predicted or do you know what stress in the material will start causing cracks?

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              Mark Loi Abalena

              Hi Jared,


              We have Solidworks Simulation Premium, were looking for a possible simulation solution wherein we can predict the crack so that we can create or provide an improvement in our design. It would be better if we can know the maximum stress when the lower die encounters cracks because right now what happens is that after several process we just notice that there are already cracks on the die. Right now we cant maximize our license because we dont have enough knowledge yet on non linear analysis. But based on our concern can this be address by SW Simulation or do we need a higher Simulation software?


              Thank you for your quick response.

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              Michael Fernando

              Hi Mark,

              In this forging process, first need to find the magnitude of forces encountered by the punch and the die while transforming blank to the product. In this kind of process, there are specific advance programs (External/not SWx) to run material flow simulation and to get those values.

              After finding those values then could run SWx FEA simulation or guess the improvements in the punch and die profiles. Don’t forget that you should run this cycle couple of times to get the most appropriate development.

              Currently I’m designing a prog die needing a heavy forming process. I’m working with an external forming simulation company providing excellent support. Let me know if you want to try this route. 

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                Jerry Steiger



                I am no expert on SolidWorks Simulation but, based on what I read here, I would not expect it to handle your problem very well. I suspect that you need Marc or Abaqus or a specialized code written just for forging. I don't think that SW Sim will remesh your part as the large deformations cause the original mesh to go bad. I don't know if it can handle the changes in the material properties as the material is worked, but suspect that it can't.


                Jerry S.