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Creating multiple revisions of assembly...

Question asked by Lincoln Welch on Jun 14, 2013
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Okay everyone,


Been reading the forum for a long time but just now making an account to post my own question.


Here's the situation: I have made an assembly with multiple sub assemblies in it. To be descriptive, it is a layout of a business that has multiple buildings with a large number of components inside the buildings. So, I have created each building as it's own seperate assembly and imported into a compiled assembly.


What we are wanting to do now is delete some of the components from some buildings, move some components to new buildings, so on and so forth. I have tried dissolving the assembly but I would greatly prefer to keep all mates in tact due to the layout needing to remain very precise. Dissolving breaks all the mates.


Is there a way that I can make the changes to the plan while keeping my original assembly unchanged, i.e. have multiple revision documents?


Any help is greatly appreciated.