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    Decals in 3D PDF work around:

    Jason Pietka

      I have figured out a way to be able to get textures/decals to render to your 3D PDF.  The last time I was here searching for a way I found nothing to help.


      If enough people is interested or if this is still an issue, which I believe it is as I have been in contact with SW and they say they don't support it.....but they do..you just have to do this work around...Reply here if this would be helpful to know.


      For an example this was out of SW-



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          Ed Hawkins



          I'm interetsed, can you let me know how you did it please?

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            Jason Pietka

            I will make up a complete tutorial on everything that needs to be done.


            If you have Acrobat it will be a lot easier but it is not needed. 


            I will have it up in a few.

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              Jason Pietka

              This process has nothing to do with decals so forget about them all together. This process is basically just inserting an image into the scene for 3D PDF's. This process will not render with SW's render, I haven't found a work around for that yet although I am still looking for one. This process also only works on flat and semi flat surfaces.


              First step- prepare your image. I used a PNG for the alpha channel. The resolution of the image is up to you, the higher the res the better it looks obviously.


              Second step- Insert a plane on the surface you want the texture on and set the offset distance to .02mm away from the surface. Name your plane to the texture name or whatever works for your work-flow.


              Third step- In the design tree click the plane and select the edit sketch icon.


              Fourth step- Go to Tools>Sketch Tools>Sketch Picture... and browse to your image and select it.


              Fifth step- I select the the “From file” in the Transparency drop down, and move and change the image to my liking. You can obviously do what you want here. Click the green check icon.


              Now from here you will have to change the settings in your Adobe Reader. In the Preferences>3D & Multimedia there is a setting for Enable “double-sided rendering”, make sure it is checked.


              If you have Acrobat you can attach the attached JS script to the 3D PDF and it will automatically change everyone's setting to view it. Also change the default view as SW's axis and any readers axis is different, so when you export it it will more then likely be a different view.


              Once you change your settings in Adobe Reader any time you export a 3D PDF from SW you will see the textures.


              If you have any questions...I may have forgotten something. Let me know and I will help out.


              Also, let me know if this helped you....:)

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                Jason Pietka

                Has anyone tried this work around??

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                    Nathan Coy

                    Just tried it Jason.  Worked great!  Also a great way to make the decals show up in drawing views without having to use shaded views (plus add extra garbage into the dwg file).  I had to make a box with our company logo on it, and this allowed me to show the box w/ hidden lines + artwork in the drawing.


                    Makes the logo show up in the 3D pdf as advertised as well.





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                      Jacob Lynge

                      Hello Jason


                      I've Tried this in Solidworks 2017 and it doesn't work for me eventhough i have followed you description.


                      My problem is that i want to have two pngs on the front of a product, and when im saving it as a 3dPDF it doesnt

                      appear on the 3Dpdf, but i've tried it in eDrawings and it is visible in that. I also have a problem of one of my circuit

                      boards are losing its green colour. I've tried to solve this also but with out any luck...