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    Best way to make set a default on a collaborator- (callout)

    Doug Campbell

      New to composer,

      Going fine, but have a few newbie questions I cannot seem to find out a few things.


      We use callouts, exploded lines, etc. on almost every view. sometimes we have to draw polylines. these are on large engine models and very tiny paper space 2"x3".


      So, whats the procedure to create the same properties collaborator every time?  

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          Alan Sweetenham

          I think you are asking how to have consistency, e.g. in the line weights of annotations that you repeat many times?


          If so in Composer you have to create styles, these save the properties that yout have changed for your collaborative actors. The quickest way is via the Styles tab, click on Quick Style. Alternatively for full control you can use the styles workshop, this takes longer but is good to learn so you understand how it works.



          quick style.PNG



          I prefer to have auto subscribe desleected otherwise everything you create is locked to that style unless your click unsubscribe but it is preference. I'll see if i can dig out a video from somewhere for more depth, its something that makes more sense when demonstrated!