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    Re-linking a drawing

    Tony Higgins

      I have a question on linking a drawing to a part.  I know in solid edge if you have two similar parts, say bushings with same o.d. and hole spacing but different bores, you can just save as the drawing and relink it to the new one and the dimensions will stay put and stay attached.  I didn't know if there was a way to do that in solidworks or if I have to bring my part into a new drawing and re-detail everything.

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          Patrick O'Hern

          You can use SolidWorks explorer to update the drawing references.  Select your drawing in SolidWorks Explorer, then go to the "References" tab.  Right-click the part in the list and select "Replace"

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            Glenn Schroeder

            Hello Tony,


            Yes, you can do that in SW.  There are at least two different ways.  Do a search here for "change drawing reference".

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              Brian Ross

              Yes this can be done in SolidWorks.  In SolidWorks, choose to open the drawing file you wish to associate.  In the bottom left corner of the open dialog box click on references.  Click on the part name that is currently referenced to the drawing.  This is launch a browser dialog.  Browse to the file you want the drawing associated with and select it.  The reference dialog box should now show the new part name in green indicating it is being associated.