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    SolidWorks Stopping when starting RX diagnosis and Appearances!!!

    Tayseer Almattar



      I am having a problem with SolidWorks 2013. When starting Appearances inside SolidWorks, Solidworks stops working immediately (before it actually starting)...


      I tried the following but nothing worked:

      - I removed all the Adds-in

      - An deleted SolidWorks and re-installed it


      but still I have the same problem. I tried starting the Diagnosis in RX, but it also stops working as soon as I start it!! Last week, everything was working fine! I am not sure what had happened now!


      Actually, before that, The whole SolidWorks started to stop working all together, but it started working again after removing the adds-in. However, while the main software works, the Appearances doesn't!!! RX Diagnosis and Appearances were the things I noticed not working anymore, I am not entierly sure whether or not there are other parts that would have the same problem.


      I would appreciate your views, suggestions, etc!!