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    Flow come out of environment pressure?

    Josue Cristancho

      I am trying to pass .1928 kg/s at 5 bar of steam through this tube and expand to 5 bar and decrease to 400 K. I have placed the inlet mass flow rate on the left and environment pressure at the right. My problem is that when I run the simulation and insert flow trajectories, the flow comes enters from the environment pressure and stays at constant temperature at whatever I set the envrionment pressure. So if I set the environment pressure to 600k, the temperature in the tube stays at 600 k regardless off what I have at the inlet. Why is the flow coming out of the environment pressure instead of the inlet and why won't my temperature start at my inlet temperature of 952 K?test.JPG

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          Jared Conway

          Hi Josue, I'm not sure I'm following.


          Do you want to flow 0.1928kg/s or do you want to develop a 5bar pressure differential?


          if you set an environmental pressure opening and a volume flow rate, your output is the pressure at the volume flow rate. IE pressure differential.


          if you set 2 pressures, you create the pressure differential and the result will be the flow rate.


          i think what you want is the second one.


          once you setup the problem appropriately, your temperature problem should get sorted out. right now it sounds like it is a bit overdefined.


          if you're still stuck, you might want to describe what you're trying to accomplish, show an example of what you're trying to compare it to and also give us what your expected results are. the files wouldn't hurt either.