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    Droplist item limit?

    Derek Swegheimer

      Is there a limit to the number of items a droplist can contain?  I have a droplist on my search card so users can select a job number.  The droplist is populated by a SQL query.  When I run the query in SSMS, the result is correct (shows all my job numbers), but when I run the search card and click on the droplist, I do not get all of my job numbers.


      Thanks for any help!

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          Jason Capriotti

          Not that I know of....how many results are there?


          How often do you have the list's sql refreshing because there is a bug if it's set to anything other than 1 minute where sometimes it doesn't run and the list gets out of date.

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              Derek Swegheimer

              I was getting 71 results when I expected 84.  The list is set to refresh every 30 minutes.  Strange thing is that I changed the SQL query to make it more restrictive, ran my search to see the items in the drop down and got expected results from new query.  So, i went back and changed the query to what it was originally and now I get all 84 results.  Hmmm. 


              I think you may be on to something with the refresh interval.  I'll set it to 1 minute and see what happens.


              Thanks for the reply!